Executive Underground B&B Apartments

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New! Two Apartments Available!

Executive Underground Apartment
& Executive Annex Suite

Two apartments now available as part of the Executive Underground Apartments. The Executive Underground Apartment & Executive Annex Suite. Both are basement level apartments in a Victorian row of houses in Downtown Toronto, Canada. They are both one-bedroom apartments in two houses that are next door neighbours.

Each apartment can accommodate up to four adult guests or fewer adults accompanied by children. Guests share two beds, a queen and a double (standard) sofa-bed. A crib can provide extra accommodation for an infant under two years of age. The queen bed and sofa-bed are in different rooms.

Breakfast food is provided for a self-catered breakfast; That is, we provide breakfast food options in your apartment kitchen, and you make your breakfast using the ingredients provided. 

Both apartments have free off-street parking (if your vehicle fits). Extra long wheel-base cars, wagons or trucks might not fit. In this case we will obtain a temporary street permit at a cost to you of $14 for 48 hours.

This B&B model is quite different from most others. A B&B is usually a single bedroom with perhaps an en-suite bathroom. If you are a group of four adults, you might need to rent two bedrooms. You take breakfast in a dining room downstairs and eat in the company of other guests. This can be a fun and economical experience, especially if you enjoy socializing with the other guests.

Our B&B apartments offer a quite different experience. You have two major advantages over the traditional B&B: You have privacy and you have independence. You apartment is completely self-contained, even with its’ own front door to the street. You can sleep in all morning and still get your breakfast when you get up. You can get your breakfast in bed if you wish! You can get home as late as you like and let yourself in without disturbing the host or other guests. No-one needs to enter your apartment to share any facilities, you have complete privacy. The owner will come in during the early afternoon if you are out to do minor cleaning in the bathroom and the kitchen. He’ll run the dishwasher for you if you like. Other than that, this is your own personal space, your home away from home!