Executive Underground B&B Apartments

About Us

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Self-Catered B&B

About Us – Henry and Richard

We are the proprietors of the Executive Underground. We renovated the basement of our house into a luxurious and comfortable place to stay in the heart of downtown Toronto. It took us many years, but the final work was done in 2009 when we spent most weekends, some evenings, most holidays, and finally – Richard’s first months of retirement to get it finished. In September we hosted some friends from England, and then opened for business in November of that year with the launch of our first website. Our first customer finally arrived in January 2010, with the second in February. By May we were getting a steady stream of business. Since then we haven’t looked back. 2012 saw us booked non-stop from May to October. December 2012 we are booked for the whole month!

The only drawback to this business is that we do not have a second apartment somewhere to rent out!

About Us – The Business

We decided to use the renovated apartment for a “self-catered bed & breakfast suite” after  a great deal of careful thought. We could have simply rented the apartment out and possibly have earned only somewhat less money, but with a whole lot less work. However, we thought we’d like to have family and friends over to stay once in a while, and letting to a tenant meant we’d basically lose the space. Now if we have family to stay, we simply book it ourselves and forego the income for that week or two.The same if we decide to go away – we just book ourselves into the calendar and don’t accept guests for that period.

As it’s only one unit it doesn’t make much sense for us to actually cook breakfast – so the idea of “self-catered” was born. We provide the food, and the guests provide the labour to make their own breakfast from our provisions that are all stored in the suite’s kitchen.

We have had three wonderful years of meeting people from all over the world. We have hosted people from every continent on the planet, and literally dozens of countries. There have been several families that have made repeat visits and also referred their family and friends.

We are looking forward to meeting many more interesting guests in the coming years. Why don’t you join us for your stay in Toronto!