Executive Underground B&B Apartments

The Toronto Executive Underground B&B Apartments are designed to give you the most comfortable, private and independent accommodation possible in a very central downtown location. Both apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped with amenities to provide maximum efficiency and comfort. The original Executive Underground Apartment and the recently added Executive Annex Suite provide living accommodation and parking for your stay in downtown Toronto.

Our News

New! Two Apartments Available!

Executive Underground Apartment & Executive Annex Suite Two apartments now available as part of the Executive Underground Apartments. The Executive Underground Apartment & Executive Annex Suite. Both are basement level apartments in a Victorian row of houses in Downtown Toronto, Canada. They are both one-bedroom apartments in two houses that[…]


Garden – Executive Underground Henry is the gardener! This tiny little patch beneath a huge horse chestnut tree becomes  tiny coloured jewel on the street. Roses, which somehow survive the winter along with palm trees (which overwinter indoors!), and other brightly coloured flowers, form a lush backdrop to the small[…]

Garden Patio

The Garden Patio The patio is a work in progress. In 2013, we expanded slightly, and there isn’t a lot of space to do so. We did upgrade it in 2012, and added a cast aluminum table and chairs to go with the umbrella. Henry, as always, has big plans[…]


Travertine Bathroom The bathroom truly is the Pièce de résistance of our renovation. The floor and walls are covered in Travertine, a soft sand-coloured stone. The shower is paved with small squares of travertine in contrasting colours. You will love the restful atmosphere created by the warm natural material.